As Surabaya wakes to a new day, you gear up for a new 


adventure from the charming and enchanting Shangri-La 


Hotel, Surabaya. 



Lobby Lounge

As the only true luxury hotel in Surabaya, the warm 


Indonesian hospitality embraces you as soon as you 


enter the hotel. The lush greenery and excellent 


weather promise exciting rounds on the sprawling golf 




You waste no time and get down to it. The game is 


exhilarating – winning always is.


It’s now time for a relaxing massage to soothe those 


tired muscles. At the spa, the scents of traditional 


Indonesian oils suffuse your  senses, lulling all 


aches away.


Back in your room at the exclusive Horizon Club floor, 


the anticipation of exploring the city below tugs at 


you. This is the confluence of history, where the 


Indonesian nationalist movement began. Today, it is an 


urbane cosmopolitan city. It has a Chinatown, swanky 


malls, and even the first Indonesian mosque built in 


Chinese-style architecture.


You can’t cover everything in one day. But there’s no 


need to hurry, for time is on your side.


Night falls. With seven restaurants and bars, the 


choices at your disposal pose a challenge. Antipasti, 


hotpot and noodles, and Teppanyaki ice-cream tempt you 


at Jamoo restaurant. Your feet take you towards Shang 


Palace. Soon, fine Chinese cuisine delights your 




Under the canopy of a darkened sky, you slip between 


the luxurious sheets of your bed. This is bliss, right 


here, at Shangri-La Hotel, Surabaya.

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